Sustainability expands to the Electronics Industry!

Bamboo is a fast growing grass that is easily renewable.  It is a great alternative raw material for protecting the environment.  It has been very popular in flooring but there are new and interesting products that are using bamboo as a raw material.  The electronics industry is now expanding to include bamboo products.  A company […]

Great Garbage Patch- What is It?

  There are a total of 5 ocean garbage patches in both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans caused by the circular ocean currents called gyres. The largest of the garbage patches is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.       The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a result of the prolific use of non-biodegradable plastic […]

Clean Filtered Water For Texas A & M Students

Texas A & M has unveiled Drinking Water Stations on Campus.  Old fashioned water fountains are retrofitted with a drinking station.  They are free to use and provide refrigerated, filtered water for refilling reusable water bottles.  Students can fill a reusable water bottle, saving money as well as keeping plastic out of landfills and protecting […]