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Water is the single most important element that our bodies need to thrive.   Our mission at Livunique LLC is to raise awareness of the effect our everyday actions has on our water, to offer solutions to improving the quality of water we give our bodies and to encourage the use of “green,” organic and fair trade products with the understanding that saving the planet isn’t about the health of the planet at all-it is about preserving OUR home and OUR health.  It’s one and the same.  Be selfish-Go Green!!!!


This is a guilt free site.  Do what you can!

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livunique stainless steel water bottle



                 A Favorite Solution






We really love these stainless steel straws.  They come with a pipe cleaner for ease of cleaning.  Bring them when you dine out and say “No Thank You” to the plastic straws!  A mesh dishwasher bag offers a complete solution!

We don’t like plastic, but we really don’t like disposable plastic water bottles. This is a brilliant solution in PBA free plastic. Our vision is to see filtered water dispensing stations located throughout public places (the way water fountains used to be). Environmentally safe reusable water bottles could be refilled at these water stations. The Vapur foldable, portable, lightweight “anti-bottle” is a great solution!!!